Satanic “Snaketivity” Is Now Up at Illinois State Capital for Christmas

One of the problems of religious pluralism – the idea that the United States must treat all religions equally (which is a misreading of the U.S. Constitution) – is that it puts actual honest-to-goodness Satanism on par with Christianity.

While the First Amendment’s ‘Establishment Clause’ prevents the United States Congress from establishing a religion (and coercing it upon the Citizens), it does not prevent the people of the government from recognizing and honoring one religion over another. We see this in nearly every letter, ceremony, or speech given by our Founding Fathers in which they recognized, vocalized, and honored Christ as God.

When you begin to read the U.S. Constitution as though it’s a document promoting pluralism, you wind up with a Satanic nativity set in the state capitol.

The Satanic Temple’s press release reads…

The Chicago Chapter of The Satanic Temple has installed a holiday display in the Illinois State Capitol Rotunda in Springfield, Illinois. The statue portrays a female hand, encircled by a serpent, holding an apple. The inscription on the pedestal reads “Knowledge is the Greatest Gift.” The design of the statue keeps with The Satanic Temple’s values of advocating knowledge and rationality over superstition, ignorance, and dogma.