Elizabeth Warren Pledges to Defend “Atheists’ Rights” in Stump Speech

Stumping in Iowa City, Elizabeth Warren was asked by a potential voter what she would do to preserve the rights of atheists in America (apparently there is an atheists-rights crisis we are unaware of).

Warren eagerly jumped on the topic and answered the question by saying, “So it starts with the Constitution of the United States, right? It protects anyone to worship the way they want, or not to worship at all, and I think that is powerfully important.

Right. We have a Bill of Rights that we believe were endowed to us by our Creator as inalienable. One of these rights – and the first one recognized in the U.S. Constitution – is the right to worship God however you choose, without the state establishing a religion for you.

Atheists certainly have a right to worship themselves. Thankfully, the drafters of that Constitution recognized the Source and Authority for all liberty.

It’s kind of hard to believe in liberty but not the One who endowed it. Nonetheless, Warren gives it a shot. Watch below.

If elected President, it is unknown if Warren will say the oath of office with her hand placed upon the Bible, a Cherokee medicine bag, or Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.