Help James White Become a Pulpit & Pen Expositor

In Dr. White’s Dividing Line program yesterday, he repeatedly complained – with much heartfelt angst and antipathy – that some Pulpit & Pen and/or Polemics Report audio is available only to patrons who support us on the Patreon platform.

In brotherly affection, a gesture of goodwill, and an olive branch of peace during this holiday season, we want to make sure that Dr. White has all the access he needs to exclusive content at Pulpit & Pen.

In participation in “Giving Tuesday” (traditionally, the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, which happens to be today) I’ve asked Mr. Libolt, our communications manager, to please set up a “Go Fund Me” account for James White to be given a full “Expositor-level” P&P Patreon membership for one year (a total value of roughly $600).

We’re reaching out to you, our blog readers and email subscribers, to let you know how important it is for us to provide him this necessary service so that he can grow in his discernment. 


In the event that Dr. White turns down the gesture of $600 for premium Patreon content from Pulpit & Pen, 100% of that money will be sent to “Christians Sharing Christ Crusades,” a solid evangelism and missions organization based in San Diego that does work mainly in Mexico and Central America.

Please consider giving generously to Dr. White so that he might “train the powers of his discernment with constant practice”… or, in the event of his declining your gift, to help fund Christ-centered evangelism south of the American border.

— JD Hall