Finish Creating ‘Enemies Within the Church’ Film

There has been a hostile postmodern takeover within conservative Christianity. Postmodernism includes agendas commonly known by the terms social justice, intersectionality, critical race theory, and Neo-Marxism.

The film “Enemies Within the Church” will expose those who are selling out the Church to postmodernism—and the money behind it.

The project is now 70% funded.

Please help complete the funding by January 1st, so that the film can be released in Spring 2020.

When you donate to this film, you are taking a stand for Christ and the gospel.

Click here to donate today.

PS – Visit the main site to learn more about the project and watch a film trailer: Enemies Within the Church.

PPS – Everyone that donates to this film will get free access to A Patriot’s Catechism which normally sells for $9.95. We’ll send you a free ebook copy for a donation of any amount to Judd Saul’s important film.

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