Systemic Feminization: Men’s Mag Runs Tutorial on How Men Should Wear Makeup

GQ, a popular men’s magazine, ran an article this week entitled The Beginner’s Guide to Makeup for Men. The article is one further piece of propaganda aimed at effeminizing, emasculating, and soul-neutering men.

The article claims men should wear make-up if they want to, “regardless of their gender identity.” In other words, makeup isn’t just for men who want to dress in drag. Make-up is for men who want to be men and look like men, but who still want to make their cheeks fuller or have poutier lips.

The article begins…

Ever since I was a 22-year-old beauty editor, I’ve been asked the question: Should men wear makeup? And every time, it’s the “should” that bothers me—beauty and grooming, like all things pertaining to vanity in this life, are rarely about “should” and “should not,” modals designed to instill shame or duty (or both). The question for every person, regardless of gender identity, should be: Do you want to wear makeup

A male beautician, “Sir John,” says…

“Traditionally, even though I work in beauty, I do still love looking masculine. But I’m coming from a perspective that’s like, I don’t give a [expletive] what anyone thinksI want to look good. There are so many stereotypical strongholds on us culturally that tell us these things are feminine—but we’re really just working against bull[crap] that doesn’t allow us to be our best selves.”

The article then goes on to give men tips for how to choose the best ‘concealer,’ how to shop for the best makeup, and how to apply it.

In Western Culture, even our men’s magazines are telling men to act, dress, and look like women. This is an actual honest-to-goodness strategy of third and fourth-wave feminism. If they cannot eradicate men, they at least want to eradicate masculinity.

Men, refuse to yield to the bounty of media outlets that tell you to be less masculine. Refuse to be commercially market feminity. Resist the temptation to fall for their liberalized, feminized agenda. Pee standing up (1 Samuel 25:52), no matter how comfortable and luxurious they make toilet seats.

Wear your scars with pride. If you’re looking for concealment, walk into the nearest Cabela’s and pick up some Mossy Oak or Realtree ™. If you want red lips, eat a rare steak. If you want flushed cheeks, chop some firewood.

God made you a man. Remain one.