Leftists Claim Offering Ultrasounds is “Immoral, Cruel and Inhumane”

If you’ve gotten it in your head that you want to kill your baby, it’s cruel and inhumane if a doctor offers you the opportunity to see your child first via ultrasound. That is the accusation made by feminists toward a pediatrician who awaits outside abortion clinics in Spain and offers free ultrasounds to pre-abortive moms.

Dr. Gádor Joya has equipped a van with an ultrasound machine, which she has named the “Life Ambulance Project.” She calls out to mothers entering facilities to have an abortion, offering them the opportunity to see the life they are about to end and sometimes they take her up on her offer. Something that is never offered by abortion clinics. When women see an ultrasound of their baby, they are far less likely to murder him/her.

In the Independent, feminist Cecilia Gomez has declared that providing the ultrasounds is “immoral.”

Gomez said, “This is purely just an attempt to intimidate them into not having an abortion. Their tactics are cruel and inhumane. They might think abortion is inhumane but what they are putting those women through — stuffing them into the van — is inhumane.

A spokesman for the Pregnancy Advisory Service told The Independent that providing ultrasounds outside abortion clinics is “misguided and profoundly insulting.” 

Gomez went on to call offering ultrasounds to pre-abortive moms “torture.”

“— stuffing them into the van — ?” Apparently, inviting a mother to see her child is far more traumatic than having her womb violated with foreign objects for the purpose of ripping her baby limb-from-limb before decapitating it and harvesting its organs.

Here’s what a first-trimester abortion looks like. It gets worse (but no more tragic) from there.

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