Leaked Emails Show Satanists Have Service at U.S. Naval Academy

A copy of the email (left) and the statue of Satan used by the Temple of Satan (right)

The United States Naval Academy is providing space for the Temple of Satan to worship in Annapolis, Maryland.

An internal email was sent out to certain midshipmen, informing them that the United States Naval Academy (USNA) would be accommodating the Satanist’s request for worship space.

After the email got out to the press, USNA spokeswoman, Alana Garas, claimed the space was not provided for worship but just for “study.” The email in question, however, mentioned the word “service” twice, which refers typically to worship ceremonies or rites.

The USNA Chaplains Office says that it approves of a “diversity of religions.”

Satanic services started at the naval academy on October 8.