Christian College Refuses to Allow Pro-Life Display on Campus Because People Might Think It’s Pro-Life

Montana’s Rocky Mountain College has denied a student’s request to put up a memorial honoring abortion victims on campus.

Emily Krokot, treasurer and secretary for Young Americans For Freedom at Rocky Mountain College, requested to put crosses in the ground to memorialize abortion victims when noted that similar displays were put up to honor the victims of 9/11. The Christian college denied the request.

Dean of Students Brad Nason told Krokot the display would have “effectively eliminated every student’s ability to choose to engage or not engage with that issue,” and could be portrayed as a “direct or tacit endorsement of that particular issue by the College.”

Nason suggested that students engage verbally on the issue instead of a display as “the pro-life/pro-choice debate is incredibly divisive” and “a public display is confrontational.”

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) believes the school’s denial violates the freedom of expression of the students. FIRE sent a letter to the school stating:

“Assuming that RMC does intend to protect the free expression of its students—as it promises—it must recognize that the proposed cross display falls squarely within that protection. Even if others were to find the display offensive or divisive, this possibility is not a basis on which an institution committed to freedom of expression may rely to justify suppression of speech.”

Adam Goldstein of the Individual Rights Defense Program told College Fix:

“I think the idea that people can’t separate out actions of college students from actions of a college is naive. I think we all know that college students engage in activism and no one is confused that institutions are enthusiastic necessarily about every protester who shows up on campus.”

While infants suffer horrific murders in their mothers’ wombs these Christian college students must be infantilized, sheltered from having to encounter an opinion on our nation’s fetal holocaust. Such is the perverse reasoning of the powers that be at Montana’s Rocky Mountain College.

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