P&P Sending Out This Book to Supporters, Don’t Miss Out

“The doctrines of grace were reclaimed during the Reformation period, largely neglected during the nineteenth century, but revived in recent times.”

“These great doctrines continue to encourage, excite, and embolden those who discover and embrace them.” 

Here’s what Expositor Level Patrons are receiving this month in the mail:

The Doctrines of Grace: An Introduction to the Five Points of Calvinism
by Dr. Jeffrey Riddle

Each month, Expositor Level Patrons are gaining access to unique treasures like this one–books you cannot find anywhere else.

More about this month’s book:

“In the Doctrines of Grace pastor Riddle synopsizes Biblical doctrines that have all too frequently been overlooked. It is very important for Christians and those who desire to be Christians to understand these doctrines, as they have to do with salvation itself. How does the sovereign God of the Bible bring one into a saving relationship with Himself through Jesus Christ? This book deals with this matter in a manner that can be readily understood by the reader. I heartily commend it.”

–Dr. W. Gary Crampton, Research Professor of Theology, Whitefield Theological Seminary


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