Allie Stuckey Confronts Murderers on Capital Hill: Abortion Is “Tearing a Child Apart Limb by Limb”

Allie Stuckey

When debating advocates for baby dismemberment masquerading as “women’s reproductive health,” a little straight-talk will rip off the mask. Allie Beth Stuckey, conservative commentator and “Relatable” podcast host, spoke on Capital Hill for Thursday’s hearings on women’s reproductive health.

Stuckey called out the evasions of the panel representing Planned Parenthood:

“Embryology tells us that the child, from the moment of conception, has a separate DNA, and so when we here these euphemisms thrown around like ‘My Body My Choice’ immediately obscuring the life of the child, it shows me that the Pro-Abortion argument doesn’t deal with fact, it deals with feeling; which is exactly why we’ve had such a hard time getting any kind of clear answer from any of the panelists on what abortion actually is, what does it do? Because talking about tearing a child apart limb by limb with forceps isn’t a very good PR strategy for Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry.”

Watch to the end of the video to hear the cornered response of Michigan’s Democratic Representative, Brenda Mill. Mill protested the “deceptive” rhetoric of the word “infanticide” (although many of the 2020 Democratic candidates are for third Trimester abortion) and claimed:

“Saying full sized babies are being ripped out of the womb and killed is not true… saying Planned Parenthood sells baby parts is not true.” 

Unbelievable blindness and deceit.

Watch: Allie Stuckey: Abortion Is ‘Tearing A Child Apart Limb By Limb’

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