Video: This Gay Bully Ruthlessly Beat Up His Straight Classmate

We used to be taught, “sticks and stones can break our bones, but words can never hurt us.” Now, society is teaching that it’s acceptable to beat someone with your fists if they call you a name.

Sadly, this happened to a student at LaPorte, Indiana, when he exchanged insults with his homosexual classmate, Jordan Steffy.

Steffy, having been offended by his classmate’s use of words, decided to pummel his classmate and put the video online. He ruthlessly beat another youth with his fists just because he got called a name.

Amazingly, local media are claiming that Steffy – who appealed to physical violence to bead someone – was “bullied.” Bullies, in reality, are the ones who beat people up.

The classmate who used the gay “slur” did not attack Steffy or return blows. However, it appears that Steffy felt emboldened by his victim identity status and pushed the situation into an intentional physical confrontation.

Please note in the video that Steffy is the bully, the aggressor, and thug. The other young man, although verbal, tried to dodge Steffy’s blows and chose not to hit back.

Watch below (profanity warning):

Please help stop gay bullying. If you see something, say something.

Homosexuals are increasingly emboldened to do violence and harm to others. It’s not okay to hit people or do bodily violence.

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