Famous Cult Leader Defends Beth Moore’s ‘Right to Prophesy’

After John MacArthur told Beth Moore what every Bible-believing Christian was already thinking, “go home,” she has been defended by the most famous charlatans and religious frauds in the world. The latest to defend Beth Moore’s “right to prophesy” is Mike Bickle.

Mike Bickle is the leader of a charismatic cult in Kansas City and was a member of the notorious Kansas City Prophets. The International House of Prayer (IHOP) is known in both Christian and secular circles as a mind-melding, entrancing, brainwashing sub-Christian sect. Even Rolling Stone Magazine had the common sense to call-out IHOP for what it is…a cult.

For a brief review of Bickle, he recently explained why doing fake miracles and giving fake prophecy is okay. Bickle also affirmed the Pope of Rome as a Christian brother. After the SBC president, Ronnie Floyd, spoke at Bickle’s cult (he gave a disclaimer that it was not an endorsement), churches left the Southern Baptist Convention over it. Missouri Baptists have repeatedly warned that IHOP and the SBC should have no relationship.

In fact, this prompted Midwestern Seminary provost, Jason Duesing, to make the statement…

The Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary administration continues to have serious and substantial concerns over the teaching, practices, claims, and reputation of the International House of Prayer of Kansas City and its leadership-and has no affiliation whatsoever, public or private, with IHOP-KC.

It’s this cult that is now sticking up for Beth Moore walking around claiming direct, divine revelation.

Mike Bickle gave the following words about Beth and her prophetic “rights.” Watch below.