Free Gift for Members of FBC Naples

Our hearts break for members of First Baptist Church in Naples, Florida, whose leadership has abusively treated those who chose not to vote for a pastoral candidate because of theological and worldview concerns. Their mistreatment of the congregation, including ex-communication of members who voted against their wishes, is motivated by strong forces impressed upon the church from outside the local body.

The ideology leading captive FBC Naples and causing disunity and division goes by several names including the Popularity Gospel, ‘wokeness,’ Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, or Identity Politics.

These ideologies and their invasion into Christian church were explained in great detail at the Stand Against Marxism Conference, which was held only weeks ago in Des Moines, Iowa. Speaking at this conference were Judd Saul, Steve Deace, Janet Mefferd, JD Hall, and others.

Although the video and audio from this conference costs $19.84, Pulpit & Pen has worked with Enemies Within: The Church to make this video immediately accessible for free to members and ex-members of FBC Naples (those who might have been excommunicated). Our hope is that FBC Naples can understand that this is not an isolated incident. This is an intentional plan to take over local churches by a subversive ideology that is eating their denomination alive.

All you have to do to get a free 100% discount code for the conference video is email us at, let us know you’re an FBC member or ex-member and would like the code. All emails will be confidential, and you don’t need to provide any additional information about yourself (not even your name).

SAMCON2019 Des Moines Iowa from Cohesion Films on Vimeo.

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