Great News: Trump Admin to Let Adoption Agencies Discriminate Against Likely Child Abusers

Homosexuals are 16 times more likely to molest kids than heterosexuals. Although they constitute only 2% of the population, they commit 33% of all child molestation (according to the Journal of Sex and Research). The best thing for orphans is to keep them out of the grasping, effeminate hands of homosexuals who are exponentially more likely to sexually assault children. And now, Trump is doing the right thing by allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against them for the good of children.

The Archives of Sexual Behavior demonstrates that 86% of those who molest little boys identify as homosexual. It would, therefore, make sense that adoption agencies rule out homosexuals as potential adoptive parents. The likelihood of a child being sexually abused in a homosexual household is exponentially high, and that’s aside from the risk of being brainwashed and traumatized by being raised up in that sodomy-saturated lifestyle.

The Department of Health and Human Services proposed a new rule on November 1 that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against the sexually perverted. This would undo an Obama-era rule that prevented such common-sense rules to protect kids and defunded Christian ministries who do a bulk of adoption work.

Adoption shouldn’t amount to sexual grooming (as it often is for homosexuals adopting kids), and in one way or another homosexual adoption is always child abuse.

It would be nice to see the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) or other supposedly conservative evangelical organizations stand behind this president when he’s out there supporting kids and their emotional and physical well-being.