SBC Church Accused of “Racism” for Not Hiring Black Minister Tells the REAL Story

After being accused of “racism” because 19% of the church body voted not to call a back man as pastor – without any evidence of racism whatsoever – church members are speaking out to a Christian news site about their mistreatment and the real reason they voted against the man (and it has nothing to do with race.)

When Critical Race Theory has entangled your church like the stranglehold of a politically-correct python, it will destroy your church. Ideologies like White Guilt, White Privilege, and Micro-Aggressions will splinter and divide the body of Christ and sow discord among brethren (Proverbs 6:19).

Pulpit & Pen wrote about this earlier in the article, SBC Church Accused of “Racism” Because They Won’t Hire a Progressive “Woke” Preacher, and we explained that accusations made public by the underling church staff against the nay-voters made no attempt to explain how they were racist. Rather, they simply claimed – as Critical Race Theorists will – that voting against the man had to have something to do with the color of his skin. Essentially, the underling staff members were having a hissy fit because their chosen pastoral candidate was rejected by more than 15% of those voting. The candidate had to receive at least 85 percent of the vote to be hired. Candidate Marcus Hayes received 81 percent.

Additionally, ‘woke’ SBC leaders like Danny Akin and Russell Moore sub-tweeted the matter and presumed the church was racist, while Dwight McKissic – best known for being black and secondarily known for not believing like a Southern Baptist on virtually anything – said the church should be kicked out of the SBC.

Tonight, Reformation Charlotte revealed that members of FBC contacted the publication with the real story behind their rejection of Marcus Hayes, the Social Justice advocate and progressive pastoral candidate.

This is the man not trusted by FBC Naples, Neil Dorrill. He’s not black; he’s white.

As Reformation Charlotte reports in their post, Leader at FBC Naples Who Are Charging the Members With “Racism” Had Corruption Charges Against Him, the man put in charge of finding a pastor and who most heavily promoted Hayes has corruption charges against him. This tainted the confidence of many in the pastoral selection process. In return, that man accused the church of being racist rather than owning up to his own corruption and past criminal arrest.

As Reformation Charlotte explained in the above-linked article, Neil Dorrill, has several ethics violations levied against him including a pay-for-play scandal, financial nepotism, dirty employment schemes, and ultimately was arrested for racketeering (those links are provided by Reformation Charlotte.

Given that “pay for play” was a part of Dorrill’s not-too-distant past, the church did not trust his recommendation, and also had other concerns with Hayes as a candidate. Dorrill instantly pointed the finger back at the congregation, accusing them of racism.

Danny Akin, Russell Moore, Dwight McKissic, and all other Southern Baptists who presumed the congregation’s actions were “racist” owe them an apology and need to spend more time reading polemics sites so they don’t act so foolish in the future.

The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him (Proverbs 18:17)