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Ontario School Board To Ask Kindergarteners If They Are Gay

(Ottawa, ON) According to an article in the Ottawa Citizen, the largest school board in Ottawa intends to give a survey from grades K-12 that will ask for information about student ethnicity, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

Such information is already collected by Statistics Canada on the official census every 5 years by law. The collected information is considered protected and only released for general statistical use. Why does theOttawa-Carleton District School Board need this information, if it can already be obtained through other channels?

The district claims it will track these trends in their schools to make a “safer” experience and to “reduce bullying” among their students. But critics are suggesting if the board wants this information, they should be trying to obtain it through Statistics Canada instead of by what is most likely an unlawful student survey.

The question is really one of legal consent. The age of legal consent for release of the kind of information for which they will be asking in Canada is 18 years of age. Before that age, that authority rests with the parent or guardian of the child. It seems likely that the purpose of the survey is not to collect information at all, but rather, to normalize sinful sexual “identities” as a propaganda move. The district is already noted for its agenda in creating an atmosphere dedicated to Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory.

One of the worst-kept secrets of Ontario school boards is the socialist nature of those in control of the direction of the board, according to a 2012 Maclean’s Magazine article. What other reason would you ask a 5-year-old about their gender identity? They are just as likely to tell you they are a chicken nugget as give valid survey information. Further, that information can be misconstrued, and that could subsequently be attached to a permanent record that will follow the child through school. Consider how that information can be used to discriminate against all families.

Today, we live in a culture of experts, and to have a different opinion than the experts is to court ostracism, opposition, and even public shaming at the hands of these so-called experts. Worse, these experts are employed by agencies that have the power to remove your children from your home if they feel you are some kind of danger to your kids. Such agencies have a perverse incentive to separate children from parents, as they receive federal funding based on their number of children that move through the foster care system.

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board survey goes beyond decency. Even if it were not a violation of the law to violate children’s privacy, the material of the survey itself is something children should not see or read, because it normalize sexually aberrant behaviors and “identities.” Good intentions aside, the survey may increase bullying among students, rather than decrease it. The greater concern is the increasing encroachment of the greatest of bullies—an unlimited government—into the lives of families.