WATCH: Rapper Throws Out Fan For Not Saying '%$@#! Trump'

WATCH: Rapper Throws Out Fan For Not Saying ‘%$@#! Trump’

Rapper YG kicked out a fan from his concert in San Antonio, Texas for refusing to say “%$@#! Trump.” After calling the man to the stage, here’s exactly what the rapper said:

“I don’t know if I want to shake your hand yet. Listen, I spotted you out in the crowd. I asked you if you %$@#! with Donald Trump. You said you don’t know. So, since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight… Because I know your mama, your daddy, your grandmama, your grandfather is watching, I want you to state your name and go ‘%$@#! Donald Trump.’ No, you won’t? …. He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his %$@#! out of here.”

The rapper then has the fan thrown out of the venue. The expletives are not censored in this video.

The White House has since responded. Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told FOX News: “Another example of the tolerant left.”

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