Irony: Racist Magazine Accuses John MacArthur of Bigotry

Only weeks ago, Relevant Magazine editor and CEO had to temporarily step down from his position after tacitly acknowledging truth behind accusations of racism against him by former employees. The publication put out a statement promising to try to be less racist in the future. The magazine, which censored stories on black people and put them at the back of the publication like Rosa Parks on a bus, is now accusing John MacArthur of bigotry. The irony is palpable.

The hit-piece against Dr. MacArthur published today, without attribution to an author, was entitled, John MacArthur Told Beth Moore to Go Home for Having the Audacity to Preach the Gospel and Help People.

Of course, MacArthur’s argument – as plainly spoken by the pastor himself – is that no Biblical case could be made for a woman preacher. Relevant Magazine, which should be spending time focusing on being less racist, apparently didn’t listen to MacArthur’s own explanation. Or, perhaps, they didn’t have the journalistic integrity to include it.

Then, just for kicks as though it were any way relevant, the folks at “Relevant” included a link to the Houston Chronicle articles about SBC sex abuse (Grace Community Church is not Southern Baptist, and neither does that have anything to do with whether or not females should preach).

Relevant Magazine then went on to post tweets against Dr. MacArthur by SBC President JD Greear, homosexual journalist Jonathan Merritt, and other liberals.

The publication made no attempt to put MacArthur’s comments in context or explain his position.

We hope that Relevant Magazine is taking to genuinely repent of their innate racism (and that of their owner, who will soon return as CEO) before criticizing others of bigotry.