Baptist Website Mourns Loss of Christians’ ‘Truth-Teller’, Elijah Cummings

In response to the death of Elijah Cummings, one Baptist website had some remarkable things to say. Not that it should surprise us that Cummins will be hailed as a “Christian.” But it is quite unbelievable no matter how loud these leftists will laud their dead hero.

“Today we mourn a truth-teller who was unafraid of where truth might lead,” said Kathy Manis Findley and added, “We mourn a mediator between opposing sides and fractured parties, between those who fight each other. We mourn a defender of his beloved Baltimore when it was maligned and mis-tweeted. We mourn the encourager of congresswomen of color who dared to take up his mantle of truth-telling” (emphasis added).

Three times we are assured that Cummings’s goal was that of the truth, though he stood relentlessly for the lie that infants in the womb have no right to live.

During Cummings tenure in the House of Representatives, he voted: “no” to banning federally paid abortions, “no” to restricting interstate transportation of underaged teens to get abortions, “no” to making it a crime to harm a ‘fetus’ during the commission of another crime, “no” to a ban on partial birth abortion, and received a 100% pro-choice voting record from NARAL.

It is tragic that such a man is praised in a Baptist publication. If Baptists have been known for anything throughout history, it is being the People of the Book. And, that Book of Books tells a different story. Ms. Findley ended her tribute by telling us, “We will remember Elijah Cummings walking through the streets after the funeral of Freddie Gray singing, ‘This little light of mine . . .”

But, true Christians well acquainted with Scripture know Who the true light is; indeed, even an elementary school student, taught that song in Sunday School, would know that it is Jesus Christ; and this staunch advocate for abortion, Elijah Cummings, clearly did not honor Christ.

Jesus on several occasions assured us that He is the Truth. “Verily, verily,” Christ declared. In other words “assuredly, assuredly,” I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6). He told a politician of His day, that He had come to testify to the truth” (John 18:37). Indeed, Christ is the True God, (1 John 5:20). When the Apostle Paul addresses believers about the truth, he adds, “the truth as it is in Jesus” (Ephesians 4:21).

The only place where our Lord Jesus can be known is in the Holy Scriptures, the same book that teaches the evils of murder and child sacrifice. You cannot seek the truth, that is, the ultimate truth, by ignoring its only source. The Bible is not a pool of swimming statements one can fish in for one’s own ideas to appear credible. We have seen too many politicians do exactly that. What a loss when Baptists mistake this for truth-telling.

[Author’s Note: Apart from Scripture, quotes are from Baptist News Global]