TGC Post on ‘Culture of Gentleness’ in Ministry Chooses Photo of Reeds Blowing in Wind

In a post advocating for a “culture of gentleness in the pastorate” and likening pastors to “breast-feeding mothers,” The Gospel Coalition chose an ironic featured photo. Adorning the article is a photograph of actual reeds shaking in the wind.

As they went away, Jesus began to speak to the crowds concerning John: “What did you go out into the wilderness to see? A reed shaken by the wind? (Matthew 11:7)

The move by The Gospel Coalition has to be the most stunning lack of doctrinal self-awareness that I have personally ever seen.

The words were written by Systematic Theologian John Frame in 2008 for Doctrine of the Christian Life and re-published as an excerpt by the organization known as “The Gospel Organization” – which is funded by politically progressive dark money and designed to change evangelical voting patterns – the article argues that Reformed pastors aren’t as “gentle” as they used to be.

As is typical among any ecumenical organization that advocates for butch women (like Jackie Hill Perry and the whole gaggle of half-a-dozen lesbians who write for TGC) to be preachers, it simultaneously argues that male pastors should be more “gentle” (read that, feminine).

In fact, Frame says, “Paul’s concept of the pastor is certainly a lot less like a king or general than like a shepherd or even a nursing mother.”

Uh…no. The article is just your generalized, sissified, effeminized garbage you would expect to see at The Social Gospel Coalition in its advocation for the Popularity Gospel.

Paul does not equate pastors to breast-feeding moms. For crying out loud.

Nonetheless, TGC scrounged up 11-year-old words to publish, apparently thinking that pulling back on the manliness of the pastorate is a much-needed message in 2019.

But the doctrinal garbage aside, the most interesting part of the post is the featured photo chosen by TGC. Chosen to adorn the article is a photograph of actual reeds blowing in the wind (seen above).

The irony must be lost on them.