WATCH: Pro-Life Students Attacked By Bloodthirsty Mob

WATCH: Pro-Life Students Attacked By Bloodthirsty Mob

A group of pro-life students from TFP, a Catholic organization dedicated to preserving family, tradition and property, was attacked by an unruly pro-abortion mob.

The pro-life students were attacked, with one man getting spit on, another getting soda poured on his head. The TFP website states:

One of the youngest TFP volunteers wore a wrist brace because of recent sports injury. When pro-abortion students noticed the brace, they asked him about it.  He politely explained that he was recovering from an injury.  With malice, a pro-abortion activist struck his injured arm to cause pain and harm.

According to TFP, participants in the mob yelled:

 “I eat baby lungs for breakfast.”

“It’s a sin to tell a woman what to do with her body.”

“I’m in favor of slaughtering 1,000 babies if that helps already born babies have a better life.”

“Hey-hey ho-ho the pro-lifers have got to go.”

The video below contains “bleeped out” curse words, the mob appears at the 5:50 mark.

TFP’s official report can be found here.

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