Liberal “Christians” Plan “National Day of Prayer To Impeach Trump”

Liberal ‘Christians’ (as though there were such a thing) are organizing a ‘National Day of Prayer’ to invoke holy petitions for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

More than 100 leaders from liberal mainline denominations among have signed a letter promising to pray on Oct. 13 that Donald Trump is impeached. The group has had no similar call to prayer for the unborn, for religious liberty, or for children who are being sexually groomed by pedophiles at America’s public libraries. But, they’re really, really concerned about Donald Trump.

Prominent in this declaration is Sojourners, which serves as a head of George Soros’ Evangelical Immigration Table with the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC.

Sojourner’s Executive Director, Adam Russell, told HuffPo, “Jesus taught us that only the truth will set us free. The deflection, lies, and conspiracy theories promulgated by the Administration and the President’s most loyal Congressional allies represent an assault on truth.”

“This perilous moment calls for bold action from both religious and civic leaders who must put country and the common good over partisanship, the pursuit of truth over lies, and morality and accountability over fear and short-term political calculation,” Taylor said.  

Also prominent in the National Day of Prayer to Impeach Trump is the organization, Red Letter Christians. Beth Moore, who has increasingly presented herself as a liberal believer, has recently shown embrace of the Red Letter Movement.

Signing the declaration was Russell Moore’s ministry partner, Jim Wallis, and pro-gay ‘Christian’ leader, Tony Compolo.