Surprise: False Gospel Heretic, N.T. Wright, Promotes Female Pastors

There’s no such thing as a Bible-believing non-heretic who believes females should be pastors. Proving that you have to treat the Bible like toilet paper to affirm female clergy, the latest evangelical figure to support women at the highest levels of church leadership is false gospel heretic, N.T. Wright.

Phil Johnson said that NT Wright teaches a false gospel and calls him a heretic in this video. John MacArthur took an entire hour to call NT Wright a heretic (many times) in this video. R.C. Sproul said that if what NT Wright teaches isn’t heresy, “nothing is heresy” in this video.

Essentially, Wright teaches a perversion of the Apostle Paul’s Gospel, called New Perspective on Paul, which essentially diminishes the Gospel and undermines Sola Fide, or salvation through faith alone.

And surprise, surprise, a Gospel-denying heretic is totally for female pastors.

Wright’s argument in the video is that all Christian ministry stems back to the Resurrection, the Resurrection was pronounced first to women (the women at the tomb), and women were the first testifiers of the Resurrection. Therefore, in Wright’s argumentation, it makes sense that women should be pastors and leaders.

Of course, Jesus did not pick any female leaders or officeholders for his church, and Paul strictly forbade female elders. Wright presumes that because Paul did not mention women as witnesses to Christ that he had “cleaned up” the Gospel accounts to make it more palatable to his patriarchal audience. Thus, Wright is actually maligning the authority of the Apostle Paul’s writings.

When asked if it was biblical to preach and/or to lead congregations of both men and women, Wright answered directly, yes.

I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet (1 Timothy 2:12).