Pro-Gay Campus Crusade Leader Calls for Black Out on Compromising Information

Matt “You can be gay and follow Jesus” Mikalotos, instructed Cru (Campus Crusade) employees to ignore the criticism he has been receiving about the surrender to heresy being committed by Cru’s top leadership.

Matt Mikalotos, a well-known Cru leader, speaker, and author, and director of the Cru19 conference, called for a total blackout on the compromising information: “Let’s not share their posts, interact with them… or give them more traffic.”

In God’s providence, it turns out some Cru employees still have their integrity. Matt Mikalotos’ attempt at keeping the facts in the dark has only helped shed more light on his intentions.

To whom is Matt Mikalotos referring? Fringe theological websites. People with evil intent. Gossips. People trying to distract them from their “ministry.” People who obviously have no love, peace, joy, or forebearance. People like Jon Harris.

Wait, what? Jon Harris?

Matt Mikalotos thinks Jon Harris doesn’t display the Fruit of the Spirit? Has he even watched Jon’s videos? Jon Harris speaks as a mature man and simply lays out the concerns. There is no malice. There is only real concern based on documented facts.

Look at the evidence for yourself. Watch Jon’s video exposing the Cru19 conference as being 100% sold out to the social justice heresy. Can an organization like this be called “Christian”? Jon’s video now has 4000+ views. Give it 40,000 views.

Telling 654 people that someone who posted video replays of your own conference is guilty of gossip seems to be a clear case of falsehood and slander. Christians, get Matt Mikalotos—the false teacher—out of “ministry.” He should be flipping burgers, if any organization would still trust him with a cash register.

If you donate to any Cru missionaries, please let them know you are putting your monthly donations into a savings account until the day Matt Mikalotos is fired.

If you are a Cru missionary, shame on you for your lack of discernment. Quit today, or insist that Mikalotos and his accomplices quit today as a condition of your remaining. You will not fix the problem by continuing to be part of it.

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