University of Iowa Guilty of Discrimination Against Christians, Says Court

After the University of Iowa kicked InterVarsity off of its campus for not letting it select leaders to conform to the Bible’s standards, a federal court ruled that university officials must pay a fine for religious discrimination. Even better, the officials have to pay the fine out of their own pockets.

The University of Iowa deregistered InterVarsity Christian Ministries after a gay man complained he wasn’t eligible for leadership in Business Leaders in Christ (BLinC)because of his sexual perversion. The university, at the time, claimed the group – along with others that have politically incorrect views on sexuality, including InterVarsity – were discriminatory and had to leave campus. It turns out, the First Amendment is actually a thing, and the groups have a right to their religion.

Greg Jao, a leader for the group, told the press, “We must have leaders who share our faith. No group—religious or secular—could survive with leaders who reject its values. We’re grateful the court has stopped the University’s religious discrimination, and we look forward to continuing our ministry on campus for years to come.”

Judge Stephanie M. Rose of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa said that the university’s behavior was “ludicrous” and “baffling.” She then ordered the university officials to pay the fine out of their personal accounts, finding that they violated InterVarsity’s rights to free speech, free association, and the free exercise of religion.

You can find the court’s ruling here.

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