The “Gospel” Coalition Warns Against Getting News Outside Mainstream Media

The progressive-leftist “Gospel Coalition” warned its readers today against getting news from anywhere besides Mainstream Media (MSM), which is a hegemonic bastion of Democrat propaganda.

The Gospel Coalition (TGC) is a political organization funded by socialist Dark Money that masquerades as a Christian ministry. A large percentage of its articles are oriented toward leftist political positions and seek to keep evangelical Christians from voting Republican.

Writing for TGC, Justin Taylor – who has joined the ranks of Gospel-marginalizing ‘woke’ Christianity – wrote a click-bait headline, “7 Ways You Can Contribute to Better Public Discourse.”

Using the awkward and off-putting term “civil hygiene,” Taylor claimed that the first thing you should do to responsibly engage in civics is to refuse news from anything but print media.

Keep in mind that Taylor’s TGC blog is not print media.

1. Get news from print media.

It is good civic hygiene to stay informed about current events. TV and social media are very bad at this. They seem better suited to entertainment and superficial connection with friends, respectively. Avoid TV news and talk shows, subscribe to a newspaper or news magazine, and do not debate politics over Facebook or Twitter. Do not use late-night comedy or YouTube shows as your primary sources of news. Print media do not avoid bias, but they do engage our minds more actively, helping us to assess and filter out bias. Text is also less emotional and less sensational than the image-based media of TV and most social media. Debate politics with passion, but do so face-to-face with your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, not over the internet.

Of course, print media – newspapers and magazines – are the most liberal sources of news possible. Getting your news from The New York Times and Mother Jones is a good way to end up with the political persuasion of a Gospel Coalition contributor.

Liberals own these forms of media, which is why TGC wants you to avoid blogs, the Internet, social media, radio, and alternative media. Conservatives have maintained political viability over the last 20 years by capitalizing on alternative media outlets like radio and Internet.

It should come as no surprise that The Gospel Coalition, essentially a religiously-oriented PAC for the Democratic Party, wants evangelicals to stay away from alternative sources of news.