Five Good Ways to Protect Yourself at Movies, Church, and Mass Gatherings

The United States Army has issued an intelligence warning about ‘chatter’ being overheard in regard to a possible theater shooting in commemoration of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado theater tragedy. The release of the upcoming ‘Joker’ film has American intelligence concerned that a gunman might do it again.

Although leftists are using the Joker premier to (inexplicably) blame the National Rifle Association (no mass shooting has been perpetrated by an NRA member, but plenty have been stopped by them), the reality is that the God-given right to carry and use a firearm is an important one that can prevent such tragedies in the future.

1. No metal detectors, no problems. If you’re a responsible adult, you should own a ‘carry weapon’ and be trained to use it. It’s your duty as a member of society to have the means to protect yourself and others. But what about in places where there may or may not be a sign that posts, “no guns allowed”?

Do they have a metal detector?

Then what sign? I didn’t see a sign. Did you see a sign?

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2. Stay alert. Watch people. Watch the exits. Watch the people in front of you. Listen for the people behind you. Know the difference between sound coming from the screen (or on stage) and that which comes from the audience (or congregation).

3. Profile. It may make you feel less than politically-correct, but profile. It doesn’t make sense to wear a hoodie over your head indoors. The same goes for sunglasses, a trenchcoat, or a loaded-down backpack. Watch those acting or dressing suspiciously.

4. Always have a plan out. Sit near an exit. Know the path to the exit. Think to yourself, if the lights were turned completely out, if you knew the layout of the room well enough to go out in the dark during mass panic.

5. Know when to fight, flee, and freeze. Knowing when to run, attack, and hide is important. If you are near the shooter and have the capacity to either shoot him, stab him, or hit him, do so even if it is harder than escaping. Play the man.

If you are not in a position to incapacitate the shooter and you can flee through an exit, flee.

Never freeze. If you stall, if you huddle, if you assume the fetal position, consider yourself dead. Fight or flee. Those are your choices.