Church of Sweden Rings Bells to Worship Greta Thunberg

The Church of Sweden in Malmö, the nation’s third-largest denomination, will ring its bells in sacrilegious honor of a teenager’s “global climate strike.” The ringing of church bells has traditionally signified it was time to worship God or commemorate holy days.

It is unknown exactly what teenagers will be striking from, but there’s not much they can strike from besides being entitled brainwashed and spoiled brats. The strike might be a great thing for the world. Nonetheless, the Church of Sweden is in full support.

The dead-eyed teen envio-fascist who told off world leaders at the United Nations this week for not caring enough about what children think about pseudo-science apocalyptic conspiracy theories, Greta Thunberg, is developing an actual cult-following. Pulpit & Pen re-published an article on this subject, entitled, The Cult fo Greta Thunberg. And now, the Church of Sweden has rung its church bells in veneration of her.

According to Sputnik News, the church rang bells for Thunberg yesterday, a move that usually involves religious worship or spiritual commemoration. The move adds fuel to the notion that the child actress is being seen across Europe as Messianic.

The church website said…

“In conjunction with the Global Climate Strike, the church bells ring and we gather for a prayer for the future of the Earth. We pray because we believe that man is responsible for managing and nurturing God’s Creation, so that children are given the opportunity for a future. We pray because we know that climate change affects the most vulnerable – the poor, children and women. We pray because we believe in man’s ability to change

The church statement mirrors Thunberg’s concerns, that somehow climate change is bigoted against the poor and marginalized (even though all of us live on the same planet). The solution for Thunberg and other environmental calamitsts is the ceasing of world economic success by First World nations, which largely feeds, medicates, and fuels Third World progress. Their solutions seem to be a recipe for the extinction of humanity by crippling industrialized nations, thus cutting of resource delivery for humanity’s sustainability.