Hillary Clinton Wins Abortion “Lifetime Achievement” Award

Abortion advocacy group NARAL is celebrating its 50 anniversary by awarding Hillary Clinton a “lifetime achievement” award.

On Thursday the group held a celebration in Washington, D.C., leaders of the movement praised Clinton calling her “our president” and praised her pro-abortion record.

Hillary Clinton tweeted:

“Women’s rights are human rights, and for 50 years NARAL has taken on the toughest fights to protect our most fundamental freedoms. Happy anniversary. Let’s keep going.”

Her acceptance speech was filled with complaining about President Trump’s defense of human life- born and unborn. She claims Trump is a “danger to America” and demands impeachment.

NARAL lobbies against common sense abortion regulations such as bans on sex-selective abortions and protections for newborns abortion survivors. NARAL also believes that supporting pregnancy centers is a scandal.

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