We Aren’t for Open Borders, Said the Compassionate Evangelical Left, Until They Didn’t

“We aren’t for open borders” said the compassionate evangelical Left.

“We just believe that the Bible teaches us to love our neighbor and to love the sojourner. People coming to our borders are just trying to escape persecution. Their lives are in danger… just like baby Jesus was in danger from King Herod.”

“Ok,” the American people answered. “We are willing to help people escaping persecution. But we need to verify that people trying to get into our country are really fleeing persecution. Let’s hold people at the border until we can verify their story.”

“But some of them have kids with them!” replied the compassionate evangelical Left, “You can’t hold kids in cages. That’s monstrous!”

“Ok,” the American people answered. “We can let the kids go on into the country but we have to vet the adults.”

“What! Are you going to separate families!” the compassionate evangelical Left exclaimed. “You can’t separate families!”

“Ok,” said the American people. “We can release the entire family together.”

“Of course, they will need to be allowed to work,” the evangelical Left nonchalantly added.

“What?!” the American people questioned.

“If you let families into the country they need to be able to feed themselves and pay for a place to stay. You don’t want them living on government assistance, do you?” the evangelical Left coolly added.

The people took a deep breath, “Ok, they can be allowed to work but as soon as they have their case heard, if they aren’t actually fleeing persecution, then they have to leave.”

“Yeeeeeah, about that”, weaseled the evangelical Left.

“What, ‘about that’?” the people skeptically asked.

“Well, while those people were waiting and working, they had more kids (who are U.S. citizens by birth, by the way) and they have become a part of the fabric of the community. If they were asked to leave that would be traumatizing to their children and damaging to their communities. Is that what loving our neighbor looks like?” asked the evangelical Left.

“It’s what opens borders looks like,” answered the people.

“But we are against open borders,” insisted the evangelical Left.

[Editor’s Note: The author of this guest post wishes to remain anonymous.]