Fake Conservative and Real Idolater, Rod Dreher, Calls for Trump Impeachment

Rod Dreher has been a speaker at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, interviewed by Albert Mohler, and he has been vigorously promoted among Evangelical Intelligentsia organizations like Christianity Today, the ERLC, and The Gospel Coalition. This is in spite of the fact that Dreher is not a Christian, but rather an idolater of the icon-laden, propitiation-denying Eastern Orthodox Church. And now, masquerading as a conservative, this acolyte of “Big Eva” is calling for the impeachment of Donald J. Trump.

Dreher was trotted out by liberal evangelicals like Russell Moore several years ago, back before it was obvious that the evangelical elite were rooting for the Democratic Party and had been overcome by Social Justice. Dreher’s primary schtick was calling for Christians to retreat from politics via his book, The Benedict Option. Once Big Eva got Christians to become disconnected to the only political party that represents even a shadow of Biblical views, they’re now actively trying to get Christians to oppose the Republican Party explicitly. Dreher regularly writes at fallaciously named website, The American Conservative, espousing views that are anything but conservative.

Dreher calls himself a “Crunchy Con,” meaning that he holds (personally, at least) to conservative positions on social issues but economically is a bleeding heart liberal who thinks the government’s job is to break the 8th Commandment and redistribute wealth through welfare programs.

As I saw Dreher preach against political involvement, I knew that it was only part of the gameplan to change the outcome of national elections by severing the evangelical vote from the Republican Party. I then wrote a rebuttal to The Benedict Option called The Benedict Arnold Option: Why Christians Should Not Retreat from the Culture War.

Apparently, Dreher only wants Christians to avoid politics if it benefits the Republican Party, as he recently joined the chorus of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and House Democrats, calling for the impeachment of President Trump.

Dreher said…

What I mean is this: whether or not Trump offered a quid pro quo to the Ukrainian president over the Biden investigation, it is becoming clear that he subverted the normal national security and foreign policy process for the sake of personal advantage, by making his personal lawyer a de facto US envoy.

If Trump gets away with this, it sets a terrible precedent. It is corrupt, anti-democratic, and dangerous for America.

A transcript of the phone call between President Trump and President Zelensky, which has become the substance behind a whistle-blower somewhere deep within the Deep State who has retained a lawyer associated with Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, has demonstrated no quid pro quo, or promise of tax-dollars in exchange for an investigation into one of Trump’s political opponents, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden had pressured Ukraine by a quid pro quo of his own, threatening to withhold nearly a billion dollars in aid to fire a prosecutor looking into alleged misdeeds of a company upon whose board served his son, Hunter Biden.

When that obviously illegal act happened in 2016, and in Biden’s later admissions, Dreher complained not one iota.

Democrats first postulated that a quid pro quo (a promise to give something of public resources in exchange for a private political favor) would be an impeachable offense. Now that the transcript has been released, liberals like Rod Dreher are claiming that the “quid” is impeachable, with or without a “pro quo.”

To Democrats and leftists like Dreher and his Evangelical acolytes, the chief law enforcement officer of the land doesn’t have the governmental power to ask another national entity to look into American election meddling and corruption.

Make no mistake about it, Dreher is no conservative. This idolater has dazzled evangelicals with his calls to retreat from politics, including Albert Mohler of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. But now that it seems possible to finally impeach a sitting U.S. president for trying to drain the swamp, Dreher has thrown off the example of Benedict the monk and abandoned his cave to again take up the cause of political activism.

Rod Dreher’s conservatism is as real as his Christianity.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall]