WATCH: Alabama College Students Say Climate Change is Worse Than ISIS

As people across the globe participated in climate strikes, students from the University of Alabama spent hours protesting climate change.

Skip to 1:35 mark to hear student’s responses to the question “what do you think is more of a threat: climate change or ISIS?”

On Friday, thousands of people gathered to participate in a climate strike. Police blocked roads in Baltimore, protestors in San Francisco chanted “green new deal, make it real,” hundreds of Amazon employees walked out, and hundreds of students walked out of class. As of early this morning, a protest called “Shut Down D.C” blocked many major roadways in D.C. Protestors chained themselves to a boat, placed in the middle of the road blocking traffic resulting in the arrest of at least 26 people.

Climate change protestors will stop at nothing to get the change they demand.

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