California Soon to Require Public Universities Offer On-Campus Abortions

California state legislature approved a bill last Friday night requiring 32 public campuses offer abortion pills to students by 2023. The bill is waiting for Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature, he has previously vowed to sign similar legislature.

Campuses such as UCLA, UC Berkeley and San Jose State University will be providing medication abortions to 760,000-odd students.

California state Sen. Connie Levya said,

It’s about access. Just because you have a constitutional right, if you don’t have access to that constitutional right, then it’s really no right at all, I’m tired of women being shamed.”

Last year California legislature passed Levya’s bill “SB 320” and was vetoed by the Governor at the time because the services required by this bill are widely available off-campus, this bill is not necessary.”

Leyva chopped up Governor Brown’s disagreements to “just another old white male.”

“What went through my head was, ‘Here’s another old white guy telling students what to do with their bodies.’ As soon as we got that veto message, we put a plan together quickly and reintroduced the bill in December of last year.”

This bill states that the medication abortion program will take effect if supporters raise $10,290,000 in private funds, which is said to be raised already. Every university will be given thousands of dollars for equipment, training and hiring staff members and adding security.

A California Department of Finance report found that implementing the legislation could far exceed its projected cost.

John Gerardi, executive director of Right to Life of Central California said:

“The cost has to be burdened — shouldered — by somebody and that somebody will be the students and/or taxpayers. The arguments we’re making here are not the viewpoints of a bunch of right-wing nutjobs here. I mean, Jerry Brown agreed with us. These are not crazy, whacko arguments.”

California will stop at nothing to protect their “right” to kill their own children, even if it means costing millions.