American Seminary Prays and Confesses Sins to Plants at Chapel Service

Union Theological Seminary in New York recently announced that they brought plants into their chapel service, at which point their faculty and students bowed down before the flora and confessed their sins.

This is not satire.

What do we confess to the plants in our life? We eat them. Some of them with turn into medicine. Some of them we turn into clothing.

They are plants. God made them on the third day of creation and not the sixth because they are lower than man, not greater. Plants exist for us to exploit for our selfish purposes. They are not be prayed to like Northern European pagans or Canaanites worshipped trees.

Union Theological Seminary is known as the home of Black Liberation Theology through their most prominent student, James Cone. Cone’s work is promoted and taught at the progressive Southern Baptist school, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS).

It is unknown if SEBTS is yet worshipping plants. Give it a decade.

At least one man in the crowd looked dumbstruck by the idolatry, as pointed out by a commenter on Twitter, who said, “He’s being held against his will.”

Many have made fun of the plant-worship on Twitter, but the seminary has also received defenders who are happy to see plants idolized as gods.

The scene was reminiscent of this classic YouTube video of environmentalists apologizing and crying to trees.

The difference is that this is a supposed Christian seminary.