Newsflash: Pro-Gay Churches Are Shrinking, Not Growing


Newly released figures demonstrate that people are fleeing pro-gay churches, which are shrinking as member leave the pews to seek congregations who actually believe the Bible.

There aren’t really any Bible-committed people who are also pro-gay. There are only frauds and imposters in rainbow-colored stoles who masquerade as clergy in order to blaspheme God and push liberal social agenda. This is why pro-gay churches noticeably have a lack of commitment to the Scripture, only using it enough to maintain a ceremonial presence and keep up the charade of being believers.

Since ordaining its first gay clergy in 2003, the Episcopalian Church has continued in record-breaking decline. In 2017, the Episcopalian Church posted a loss of 13,709 attendees to a total of 556,744 resulted, which was a 2.4% decline in average Sunday attendance (ASA). The church’s 10-year decline in attendance currently stands at 24%. The mean ASA is 55 persons, down from 57 in 2016.

The United Methodist Church, which narrowly avoided a church-wide endorsement of homosexuality because it’s global body make-up (its denomination is worldwide, rather than nation-wide) allowed African Methodists to out-vote their more liberal American counterparts on the issue, is still widely known in the United States as being gay-friendly. The latest figures demonstrate an overall decline in the UMC in the United States, which began largely the same time the UMC began to liberalize. The only increase in membership among the UMC is in Africa, and particularly the Congo, where they are staunchly anti-gay.

The United Church of Christ, a famously liberal and “affirming” denomination has shrunk from 2.2 million members nationwide to 857 thousand in 2017. Although the denomination first began to decline in 1957 after the ordination of female clergy, its decline did not escalate rapidly until they began to ordain homosexual clergy.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) has lost more than 1 million members or 25% of membership, now down to 3.5 million, from 4.7 million ten years ago. At this rate of decline the denomination won’t exist in 30 years.

The attempt to patronize to the LGBTQ community and compromise on God’s Word does not salvage churches, it savages them. It does not care for churches, it kills them. It does not prosper churches, it impoverishes them.

Those who actually belong to the Lord, the called out and elect of God who truly believe in Jesus, will not tolerate abiding in a sin-soaked and iniquity-saturated synagogue belonging to Satan.

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