Charismatics Gather to ‘Rebuke’ Hurricane Dorian Off Florida Coast

Word-Faith theology teaches that Christians are basically “little gods” that can decree and declare miracles to happen. Being gifted with a Jesus-complex, Word-Faith charismatics gathered in Florida to rebuke Hurricane Dorian and to command it ‘peace, be still.’

With outstretched arms, praying to Hurricane Dorian instead of praying to God, a group of professing believers told the weather what to do.

News agencies reported the gathering. News4Jax quoted one of the weather-rebukers, Mary Parker.

Parker said, “We’re coming out here as group of believers like we did 2 years ago for Hurricane Irma. We came and got in a circle and prayed and we sang.”

As the Friendly Atheist points out however, the group was apparently unsuccessful in turning away Hurricane Irma, because the hurricane cost the city of Jacksonville nearly 85 million dollars, twice that as the previous hurricane, Matthew, in 2016.

Hurricane Dorian has been called “devastating” to the Bahamas Monday morning and has been showing 155 mph maximum sustained winds, a reduction from 185 mph earlier, and is moving forward slowly.

Dorian has ripped off roofs, overturned cars and tore apart power lines as people stayed low in churches and shelters.

Meteorologists are predicting that Dorian will stay slightly off the U.S. coast but will still be dangerous, and evacuations were ordered for parts of Florida and, later on Monday, the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.

Hurricane Dorian’s projected path as of 5 a.m. EDT on September 2, 2019NOAA / NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER

Acting DHS chief Kevin McAleenan said Sunday that even if the storm remains just off the U.S. mainland, it could still cause major problems with high winds, a devastating storm surge and heavy rain.

If the hurricane hits Jacksonville directly, the charismatics will claim it would have been even worse had they not rebuked it. If it doesn’t hit at all, they’ll claim victory.

Charismatics who claim to control the weather include perhaps the wealthiest televangelist in the world, Kenneth Copeland. Copeland’s wife, Gloria, once claimed that Kenneth rebukes tornados from his airplane and that the weather obeys him.

We would implore Copeland to go to the American east coast, fly directly into the hurricane, and command it to be still.