The Exploitative Down Syndrome Drag Show Was Kicked Out of the Venue!

For all those following the exploitive abuse of Drag Syndrome, here is some heartening news! 

The Grand Rapids, Michigan supposed public ‘art’ event was just booted out of their scheduled venue and must now find a new facility to spread their toxic abuse. Drag Syndrome is the name of a London-based group of persons with Down Syndrome who perform as sexually provocative cross-dressers for the hopelessly conscious-seared. This group was invited by the group Project 1 to an arts fair in Grand Rapids where they were scheduled to perform alongside local disabled cross-dressers. As we stated when reporting this event, encouraging those with special needs to imitate the perversions of same-sex impersonators and calling that ‘art’ surely marks a new cultural low.

Apparently a local group of parents of Down Syndrome children reached out to Peter Meier, a Republican candidate for Congress in Grand Rapids, and asked him to stop the Drag Syndrome event. In a strange twist of providence, Peter Meijer also happens to own the Tanglefoot Michigan Arts building in which the show was scheduled to be held, although the concerned parents did not know this detail. Meijer canceled the event, stating the show would exploit vulnerable human beings and transgress a “clear red line.” In a letter to DisArt, the group hosting the show, Meiers stated,

“After deep reflection on the nature of Drag Syndrome’s performance, I cannot approve of their use of Tanglefoot’s facilities… The differently abled are among the most special souls in our community, and I believe they, like children and other vulnerable populations, should be protected… This is not a decision I have arrived at lightly. As the true nature of Drag Syndrome’s performance became clear, I consulted with various relevant communities to ensure my decision was made as free of personal bias as possible. I spoke with parents of the differently abled, people who had family members with Down’s syndrome, and members of the LGBTQ and artistic community. In nearly every conversation, concerns were raised about the potential exploitation of the vulnerable.”

We would interject here that a future Congressman should not need more that a few seconds’ research to form a convinced judgement against the very idea of Drag Syndrome. Nevertheless, we affirm this decision.

Meijers stated that the group’s organizers purposefully leaked news of the event to the press, in hopes of creating a political controversy when their venue was threatened. In other words, the bullies played the victim card.

Peter LaBarbara, President of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) summed up the dynamic notably:

“How cruel to exploit innocent Downs people who are vulnerable and unable to understand fully what this manipulative spectacle is about… We already knew the the LGBTQ movement exploits and harms children, and now they prey on the disabled, in the name of art… This reminds Americans that the LGBTQ movement that pretends to be the victim is so often the victimizer.”