Heartbreaking: LGBTQXYZ Exploiting Down Syndrome Community

So-called “drag queens” have been in the news for months, taking advantage of little children. From abusing children like 11-year-old Desmond to emotionally scarring kids who show up to library story time only to be horrified by trannies, the mentally ill are seeking to take advantage of the mentally under-developed. And now, the LGBTQXYZLMNOP lobby is exploiting the Down Syndrome community.

Daniel Vais, who runs Drag Syndrome, a cross-dressing dance troupe, has been targeting the Down Syndrome community with his perversion. Vais had worked with Culture Device Dance Project, which teaches dance to individuals with Down Syndrome. Vais decided to take his experience with the community and turn them toward cross-dressing.

After suggesting the idea and exposing them to “trans culture,” Vais says, “They got so excited. They started researching drag.”

In other words, these individuals with Down Syndrome were not previously engaging in crossdressing or drag behavior. He introduced it to them.

Mainstream media has covered the drag queen proselytizing the Down Syndrome community, including CNN, NBC, the BBC, and Vice.

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