Victory: Trump Gets Planned Parenthood to Defund ITSELF

In a startling twist of events, after both Republicans and Democrats have failed to pull federal funding from Planned Parenthood, a slight rule change by the Trump Administration got the abortion giant to defund itself.

The Trump administration made a “gag order” rule that required Planned Parenthood and other “birth control” providers to not refer patients to abortion-related services. That was a problem for Planned Parenthood because abortion is the only reason they want mothers to walk through the door. They’re not interested in providing other kinds of “care.”

The move was, in and of itself, brilliant.

Planned Parenthood takes Title X money (federal grant) to provide non-abortion services. However, as almost everyone recognizes, Planned Parenthood is in the baby-killing game, and murdering babies is basically their own profitable business. Every service Planned Parenthood offers is somehow related to the abortion procedure. Because Planned Parenthood was forbidden by the Trump Administration rule change from referring patients to abortion services (or offering them), they were put into a position to turn down the funds that couldn’t be stopped by spineless “pro-life” legislators in Washington.

In a conference call with reporters on Monday, Planned Parenthood’s Alexis McGill Johnson announced the organization’s resignation from Title X, and forgoing all federal funding through the grant program.

Title X funds began being issued in 1970, and were soon thereafter given to organizations that provided wellness exams, STD and HIV screenings, birth control and contraceptive education. Planned Parenthood’s business is abortion, but takes Title X funds and says they’re providing the above health services when, in fact, most of their non-abortion business is merely referring to real care providers who can do something besides butcher babies. But keeping up that charade has made Planned Parenthood ineligible for federal money, as it’s impossible to trace how they’re spending Title X funds.

According to CBS News…

But in February, a 312-page filing from the Department of Health and Human Services proposed what abortion rights advocates have referred to as a “gag rule.” Under the proposal, the agency wrote that “none of the funds appropriated for Title X may be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning.” The changes impact not just Planned Parenthood, but any clinic that supports, performs or even refers patients for abortion services.

Under the new rule, recipients of Title X funds can reference abortion as an option to pregnant women, but they are not allowed to refer them to an abortion provider.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood was forced between taking federal money for doing the job they were supposed to be doing with it all along and turning down federal money and still butchering infants.

Planned Parenthood chose to turn down taxpayer cash so they could keep taking abortion blood money.

Whether you like Trump or hate him, if there’s any humanity in you, you should be excited about this change and compliment his administration for making Planned Parenthood defund itself.