First County in U.S. to Become “Sanctuary County” for the Unborn

Yadkin county Board of Commissioners, as taken from their website.

The Yadkin County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina passed a resolution to become the first official sanctuary county in the United States for unborn babies.

Yes, it is a Republican-controlled county that voted 78% for Donald Trump in 2016.

Pastor Keith Pavlansky of Personhood North Carolina told the press, “This the first step in adopting a complete culture of life in our communities.”

The resolution passed by the commissioners does a few main things, as outlined in a pdf at The first is that it establishes an accepted scientific fact that life begins at conception or fertilization. Secondly, the resolution commits to enforce this policy “by all means within its power, in accordance with its responsibilities as the people’s elected local representatives.”

As LifeSite News reports…

Follow up activities being organized right now by Personhood North Carolina and the local churches and civil society include placing a plaque on the grounds of the county government that commemorates the resolution and serves as a tangible reminder of the commitment made by the people of the county. There are also plans for public town hall meetings to work with the people, churches, and local organizations to find ways to provide support for mothers and fathers of pre-born children so that the county can become a place that truly welcomes and protects the gift of life.

While other counties have passed general pro-life resolutions such as the one passed in Utah County, Utah in June of this year, the Yadkin County NC resolution is unique because it affirms the right of the people to protect the right to life against a tyrannical judiciary.

For more information about the Personhood Alliance and how your county might become a sanctuary county for the unborn, click here.

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