Sixth Grader Expelled for Properly Identifying Gender of “Transitioning” Classmate

Some form of Biology or Life Science has been taught by the sixth grade, and it has apparently paid off for at least one sixth-grader in Ohio, who was able to determine the gender of a ‘transitioning’ classmate and correctly identify their sex. Unfortunately, the student was then kicked out of class, because being pro-science and politically-correct are two contradictory things and the school only has tolerance for one of them.

The boy’s art teacher overheard him tell a classmate, in reference to a ‘transitioning’ classmate, “that’s a boy, not a girl.” The art teacher then notified the principal, who pulled the boy out of school during gym class and removed him from the school. Because the boy’s parents contacted legal help, the boy’s removal will be temporary instead of permanent.

The principal told the student, “You can have your own beliefs but [your classmate] wants to be called a girl.”

Of course, science and objective reality say that the gender of the boy’s classmate isn’t a matter of subjective opinion. The classmate was objectively, factually, demonstrably a boy in every biological, scientific, and medical sense. The poor disciplined student was merely being factual, which was grounds for punishment at the Ohio school.

After being represented by the Liberty Counsel, the school says that they will allow the discerning young man back to class.

According to a press release by Liberty Counsel, the school said in a letter that it would no longer punish students “for expressing respectful disagreement on the subject of transgender claims by other students.”

The press release also stated…

“The First Amendment protects a student’s right to hold his own views and to respectfully share them. This is especially true where the student shares his views in response to conversations to which he is repeatedly subjected by others against his will…Moreover, the government may not take one side in a cultural or scientific debate, and turn classrooms into enclaves of totalitarianism.”

The sixth-grader knew what everyone else knew: his classmate was a boy. But, like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, he was just the first one with the courage to say it.

There really is no such thing as a “transitioning” person, in regards to gender. It does not exist, as gender is tied intrinsically to biology, which cannot be changed by mutilating surgeries or hormone treatments.

Might we all be as brave as this young man, and, for the good of our friends who suffer from gender dysphoria, not let them live with pretend identities that only prolong their mental illness and complicate their symptoms.