Video: Devilish Priest VIOLENTLY Baptizes Baby

A priest with the Russian Orthodox Church baptized a baby so violently that his mother filed a complaint with the police, and he was removed from the ministry for (only) one year.

The ‘baptism’ took place on August 10 at the Marienburg Intercessional Church in the Leningrad region city of Gatchina, 40 kilometers from St. Petersburg. The priest’s name is “Father Forty.”

The priest can be seen shoving the head of the crying and screaming infant under the water and then fighting off the child’s pleading mother. At one point, the priest is seen trying to cover the mouth and nose of the baby to stifle its screams.

You can watch the video below.

Maybe—and we’re sounding like Baptists here, we know—the baptism recipient should be willing.