Top U.S. Teachers’ Union Votes to Support Abortion

If you think the nation’s largest teachers’ union cares about what’s best for kids, consider that the National Education Association (NEA) just approved a pro-abortion resolution at its national conference. Perhaps wanting to be on a perpetual summer hiatus with no children left to teach at all, the union voted for the radical pro-infanticide measure last week.

As reported on by One News Now, the resolution by the teachers’ union says:

“The NEA will include an assertion of our defense of a person’s right to control their own body, especially for women, youth and sexually marginalized people…

It was labeled on the agenda ‘Business Item 56.’

The union also passed a resolution on “White Fragility,” a tenet of Critical Race Theory (CRT) that holds that white people only refuse to admit they’re secretly racist because they’re unprepared to face the ramifications of their bigoted reality.

You can find a copy of their resolutions here.

These ideas—abortion rights for all and “White Fragility”—are part and parcel of Social Justice advocacy, something of which evangelicals should be reminded.

In fact, it was announced that the NEA VP will likely become the president of the organization. Notice that her biography begins with an introduction of her as a “Social Justice Warrior.”

Perhaps, when you send your kids off to public school in a few days, you should ask whether or not their teacher is a member of the NEA. The union is the largest in the nation, has 2.9 million members, gives more than 90 million dollars to political campaigns, and give 97% of that to Democratic candidates.

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