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New Illinois Law Declares ‘Unborn Have No Rights’

A new Illinois law, the Illinois Reproductive Health Act (RHA), enshrines abortion as a fundamental “right” in the Illinois Constitution, gives an unborn child no protection under the law, forbids abortion documentation from being released from the public, and removes licensing and inspection requirements from facilities performing abortions.

In the State of Illinois, the right to murder your child is now as protected under the Constitution as the right to Religion or Free Speech.

Here are some of what RHA has included and removed from Illinois law:

  • Enshrined abortion as a fundamental right
  • Removed licensing and inspection requirements for facilities that perform abortions
  • Declared that the preborn child has NO rights under Illinois law
  • Removed the requirement that abortion-related deaths be investigated by a coroner Removed criminal penalties for doctors who intentionally perform an abortion on a woman who is not pregnant
  • Ended reporting of abortion data to the public
  • Repealed 40 years of Illinois abortion law
  • Struck down a requirement in Illinois law to document a medical reason for late-term abortions performed after viability, meaning a late-term abortion can now be performed for no reason
  • Ended the requirement that a second physician be present during late-term abortions; this requirement was originally mandated so that if the baby survived the second physician would be available to provide care
  • Mandated that some insurance plans cover elective abortions. Ended the requirement that fetal anesthesia be offered (not even mandated) when viable, pain-capable babies are murdered

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