Dance Celebrating/Depicting Act of Sodomy Performed in Roman Catholic Church

[LifeSite News] A video now making the rounds on social media shows two scantily clad men performing a homoerotic dance in the magnificent sanctuary of Saint Peter Apostle Church in Montreal. 

The two dancers perform to Jeff Buckley’s sexualized adaptation of the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, according to, which first called attention to the disturbing three-minute video. 

“The hallelujah is not an homage to a worshipped person, idol or god,” Buckley explained to the Dutch magazine OOR, “but the hallelujah of the orgasm,” noted the report.

The most disturbing scene in the video comes in its final seconds, as the camera zooms in on the hands of two male dancers, imitating Michelangelo’s famous depiction of the creation of Adam, as the hands of God and man touch.  

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Or, you can watch the video below. Warning: It’s really gay.

[Editor’s Note: This article was written by Doug Mainwaring and published at LifeSite News]

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