Death for All: New Euthanasia Laws in Oregon and Boston

The Lethal Injection Squad comes in the name of ‘compassionate care,’ ever eager to write a new law to push death upon the weak, elderly, helpless, and supposedly ‘unwanted.’

Legislation to criminalize assisted suicide was recently introduced in Massachusetts under S.D. 2505, also named Conrad’s Law. But this ostensibly life-affirming law also imports a loop hole that would legalize the deadliest form of assisted suicide, Physician-assisted suicide.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the continent, yesterday Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed SB0759, a bill to eliminate the 15 day waiting period for assisted suicide. This window of time allowed those bent on ending their lives opportunity to reconsider. In other words, Oregon patients who request death under a state of severe depression no longer get time to treat their depression and thereby save their own lives. Death goes marching on for Democrats.

More Murder in Massachusetts 

Massachusetts’ Conrad’s Law is named after Conrad Roy III, an 18-year-old with mental illness who took his life after his 17-year-old girlfriend, Michelle Carter, pressured him to do so in a series of text messages. Carter now serves a 15-month prison sentence. Democratic state Representative Natalie Higgins says the bill uses “…very targeted language” to zero in on the abuses of teen bullying.

But while Conrad’s Law advocates for those mentally ill with suicidal ideations, it also introduces newfound freedom for others who would pressure one to end their life: physicians. In its own words, Conrad’s Law…

“…shall not apply to a medical treatment lawfully administered by, or in a manner prescribed by, a licensed physician.”

What a world of cruelty lurks behind that one caveat. Discovery Institute’s Wesley Smith warns in National Review…

“Doctors’ participation in suicide is worse than when engaged in by others because it adds the heft of medical authority to encouraging a decision to take one’s life.” Smith warns that, “…the carveout’s purpose is to pave the way to legalize assisted suicide in Massachusetts, perhaps even active euthanasia.” 

Also, Hurry up and Die in Oregon

When Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a bill to wave the 15 day waiting period for assisted suicide, she also did so under the ruse of compassion. Proponents of SB0759 assure us this bill “only applies to those with 15 days to live.”

This brings us to the crux of the matter: Who is Sovereign and who numbers men’s days?

It doesn’t take so very much imagination to foresee physician-assisted suicide will take about 5 historical minutes to become widespread government-directed suicide, especially when Democrats demand “free health care for all.” As our dystopian state lusts for more and more god-like power, the most vulnerable among us fall prey to lethal “compassion” in white coats.

“Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter” (Proverbs 24:11).

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