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Planned Parenthood’s “Trans” Board Member Protects Men’s Rights to Abortion

And all this time we thought men weren’t allowed to have opinions on abortion!

A few days ago, the executive board of Planned Parenthood gave Leana Wen, their President and CEO of eight short months, an abrupt kick to the curb. One of the reasons they gave for doing so was Wen’s reticence to lobby for men who need abortions. Perhaps the most newly elected member to PP’s executive board, “Meghan” Stabler has more than a little to do with the organization’s newfound obsession with trans mythology.

So who exactly is “Meghan” Stabler?

In the world God made, Stabler was born a baby boy 56 years ago in the UK; which means Stabler is and always will be a man. His parents were wise to those facts and named him Mark. Mark Stabler married a woman and had a daughter, who is now 26, before moving to the United States in 1990.  Just about a decade later, Stabler’s wife divorced him when he grew fond of dressing up like a woman and aided his delusion with female hormones. In 2007, Stabler became a surgical eunuch and now considers himself a woman…

…a lesbian woman that is, for “Meghan” Stabler prefers “lesbian” relationships. Just how far can one gallop from decency and sanity in one lifetime? 

Stabler and his lesbian lover, Erin Abernathy, obtained sperm and gave birth to a child in 2012. They have since broken up and Stabler has been in an 18 month relationship with Sal Stow, also a lesbian.

More Men in Women’s Spaces

So much for Stabler’s personal life; what about his professional projects? Not surprisingly, “Mehgan” Stabler has been very busy as a “trans” lobbyist. The LGBTQ publication, Advocate, chose “her” as a 2019 “Champion of Pride” for “her” eight years of service on the Human Rights Campaign National Board of Directors. The Human Rights Campaign is America’s leading LGBTQA+ lobbying organization which spent $910,000 in 2018.

Now “Meghan” Stabler sits on the board of Planned Parenthood where he helps police speech and pretends to be one of the women. Planned Parenthood now offers cross-sex hormones to anyone over 18 (for the next five minutes) at 200 locations. As the organization finds their finances dwindling and the tide of public opinion turning against them, Meghan Stabler spearheads a desperate image lift: power to the “bullied victim.” All for the sake of murdering babies.