Trump Was Right About the Squad: “Why Don’t They Go Back?”

Image by AF Branco

With over 208k likes on Twitter, President Trump’s comment, “Why don’t they go back,” is lighting up the internet and threatening to end friendships.

In this comment and in the discussion it precipitated, bold lines take shape.

Are we willing to talk about the reality that Marxist agents have taken positions in the US Congress? Are we willing to tell them that the kind of society which they seek to create is the kind of society from which they, or in some cases, their parents, fled? Or is that . . . racist?

President Trump is not the only one arguing the squad has gone beyond the pale. Senator Rand Paul (KY) commented about Ilhan Omar:

“I’m sort of dumbfounded how unappreciative she is of our country. . . . She says this is terrible, a place without justice and all this. She’s a congresswoman. She got here as a refugee 20 years ago. She’s elected to Congress. I can’t imagine a better country that elected her to congress and she badmouths our country.”

Mark Levin went so far as to say there are “. . . a lot of Americans who are sick and tired of these freshman members of Congress.”

He went on:

“Their ideology is not garden-variety liberalism; they’re the burn-down-the-country crowd. . . . Nobody’s talking about their race; they keep talking about their race. The president didn’t mention their race. . . . And it is worth noting that they do hate the very country they live in. . . . It’s not a matter of debate on policy and so forth, which is how they try to make it.”

Trump was right: Why don’t they go back?

If it is now racist to love the US Constitution and to ask those who hate it to leave the nation, then perhaps the majority of Americans truly are racist. Or perhaps “racism” has been so devalued by equivocations that the term is in danger of becoming useless.

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