Transgenderism in Toy Story 4

For their latest callous cash grab, Disney has released a fourth installment in the Toy Story series of digitally animated films. Despite the fact that virtually no one was clamoring to have an aging Tom Hanks and Tim Allen reprise their roles as talking children’s toys, Hollywood is seemingly out of original ideas and so a return to the proverbial well was in order.

The addition of a fourth film to the beloved Toy Story trilogy was wholly superfluous and unnecessary. Even so, the movie has enjoyed financial success. I suppose this proves the American sheeple will line up to eat whatever Hollywood is serving. But just what is it that Disney has on the menu in Toy Story 4?

The film picks up where the last one let off, with Woody and the gang now in the care of a new youngster named Bonnie, having been given to her by Andy as he left for college. Bonnie goes off to Kindergarten where she is not allowed to bring any toys, and so she fashions a toy for herself out of a spork and other items she finds in the trash, which she names “Forky.”

It is at this point where we must pay close attention because the enemy is often subtle and crafty. While it may seem that the items that Bonnie chooses are completely random, they are in fact anything but random. Her turn as one of Santa’s elves begins with a spork.

While most of us know the spork as that dreaded and virtually useless eating utensil that is sometimes foisted upon us by fast food eating establishments, in the hands of the indoctrinators at Disney, it carries much more significance. For a spork, you see, is neither fork nor spoon, but is somewhere in between. It exists somewhere on the eating utensil spectrum, but is not easily categorized, much like….ta da, gender.

To make the analogy all the more clear, Bonnie draws a rainbow on one of Forky’s popsicle stick legs. No doubt many would protest and say that little girls just like rainbows, but if you honestly think the rainbow is incidental and doesn’t represent something else, you haven’t been paying attention for the last half century.

With her new “toy” complete, the movie now moves on to the main plot of Woody and the gang going on a road trip to save Bo Peep from the clutches of a thrift store. But lurking under the surface is a sub-plot involving Bonnie’s beloved little spork toy. You see, Forky is having an existential crisis because he doesn’t think he’s really a toy, and so he is constantly seeking to throw himself away. Through it all, Woody and the gang reassure him that he is a toy because toyness is not determined by reality, but by what you believe about yourself.

While the plight of Forky is not the main focus on the film, it is none the less an important aspect of Disney’s overall strategy of LGBTSXYZ indoctrination of our children, which they are using their popular movies to accomplish. So how exactly does Toy Story 4 push the LGBTQXYZ agenda? Let’s review:

First, Forky is a spork, which is neither fully spoon or fully fork, but somewhere in between. His identity is fluid, just like gender supposedly is, or so the Hollywood liberals would have us believe.

Secondly, Forky struggles with an identity crisis because he doesn’t believe he’s a toy. This causes him to seek to throw himself away, much like trans people who struggle with their identity seek to harm or kill themselves. The solution, therefore, is not to correct Forky’s delusion (he is just a lame eating utensil after all) but rather to affirm him because identity is self-determined.

Thirdly, the secret to happiness is to reject the expectations of those around you and the intentions of your creator (in this case, the manufacturer of the spork) and to become whatever you conceive yourself to be. Those around you must also affirm you or otherwise they are your enemy. The whole thing is intended to be an analogy of the transgender experience.

Finally, Forky proudly sports a rainbow because Hollywood stinks at subtlety.

Disney is continuing to push the envelope in their indoctrination of America’s children into the LGBTQXYZ agenda, and they will only become more brazen as time goes on. Be wise. Be warned. And stop lining up like sheeple to eat the slop that Hollywood is throwing out.

[Contributed by Bill Perkins]

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