Liberal Lady Pastor Fired After Using Church Funds for ‘Adult Novelty’ Devices

Butler, heading up an anti-Trump clergy organization.

“Pastor Amy,” a famous anti-Trump pastor at the extremely liberal Riverside Church in Manhattan, has been fired after allegedly using church resources at an adult novelty shop. Amy Butler allegedly used the church credit card to purchase a $200 battery-operated ‘sex toy’ for an unmarried mother/minister that accompanied her. She also offered to buy a similar product for a homosexual minister that accompanied her to the store. They were at a religious conference together.

The homosexual felt uncomfortable with Butler’s offer to purchase him the adult novelty product, and subsequently filed sexual harassment charges against Butler. The Riverside Church investigated the incident and confirmed aspects of the account.

Butler had also recently asked the church for a 100-thousand-dollar raise on top of her current 250-thousand-dollar salary and 72-thousand-dollar housing allowance. Apparently, a 325-thousand-dollar salary and benefits package was not enough to buy sex toys for her friends and colleagues.

The church website said, “Rev. Dr. Amy Butler and the Riverside Church Council are announcing that after five years of leadership, Pastor Amy will not be renewing her contract as senior minister.”

Butler, who wrote about her own late-term abortion in 2016, is best known for using her pulpit to oppose President Donald Trump on the grounds that he’s personally immoral and greedy.